Hi my name is  Onika Shirley.  I help you build unshakable confidence.  I give you actionable steps to get you thinking positively and get you to change your overall mindset on how you feel about yourself and your abilities to take action and change your life.
I give you actionable steps to get you from one level to the next with one task at a time.   When we build and strengthen your self-confidence your behavior and your moods will change dramatically.   Can you imagine having a action taking road map right in front you giving you directions every step of the way? I will show you how 20% of your actions will produce 80% of your results.
Do you have a sense of worthlessness?  Are you uncertain of what you want and who you are? You are unable to enjoy and relax in situations that you'd honestly like to and you feel like you haven't got a sense of direction for your  life.
Onika is a biological, adoptive and foster parent of 6.  She is a business owner, Author, Singer, Master Life Coach, President for 4 years of NAPW Greater Memphis Chapter, Manager in Corporate America and a member of Golden Key International Honour Society.   Onika Shirley is a sought-after life coach who brings powerful insight and intuition! She has a talent for inspiring, empowering and motivating her clients to make positive changes, explore new possibilites and break through barriers so they can realize their dream and full potentials.
Onika has a MBA in Business Administration, over 10 years of leadership experience and has taught The Manufacturing EnterPrise at the local college in Helena, AR (PCCUA), Onika has a unique skill set of both finance, business and human resource management that has helped her shape her strategic thinking when it comes to business, leadership, and personlal growth development.  Two of her signature strengths are committment and productivity.
Onika want to use her strengths to coach individuals and leaders on how to take their visionary and creative ideas and translate them into sustainable plans of action.  Her style helps others to recongize their true value and enables them to develop a level of resiliency that prevents them from excepting now is good enough. 
  1. I am here to show you the path
  2. I am here to light the way
  3. I am here to ring the bell
  4. I am here to organize your life
  5. I am here to open your eyes
  6. I am here to talk and solve your problems
Onika's  authentic, engaging, and deliverance style resonates with diversity in mind; therefore it allows her to serve diverse clintele.  Each presentation, program and session will be uniquely designed to serve the needs of her clients and audience.  ​
Onika L. Shirley's CEO and Founder of Action Speaks Volume, mission is to inspire, motivate, and empower women to live a life of great physical health, financial wealth and spiritual prosperity,​