Confidence/Procrastination Coaching 
Find out if this is the right program for you, and choose a payment plan that works with you. Most of all ensure that you overcome procrastination and become an action taker! 
-Coach O.

Is Confidence/Procrastination Coaching for me?

What’s included?

All coaching clients who work with Dr. Onika L. Shirley will receive customized designed just for you coaching and actions takers support. Coaching sessions are done via phone or video, FaceTime if in the US or Zoom/Skype outside the US, and are 60-minutes in length. They include “Action Considerations /Action Items” that are emailed to you after the session to help you stay accountable to moving forward on whatever it is you are working on. Your involvement in your success is vital and these coaching session are really going to help you get to the next level. Depending upon the personalized coaching program you choose, you can receive email and text support / access for in between your coaching sessions. Before beginning your coaching relationship, you and Dr. O will discuss your exact goals, your
current challenges and your lifestyle/schedule so that your coaching results are increased and you will experience your desired results.

How much does it cost?

Dr. O offers three coaching packages whatever your need is Dr. O has a package or option for you. Sessions are payable via paypal at the beginning of the selected program. Payment plans are offered depending upon the length of the goal and the coaching plan selected. Another payment option is Cashapp: $Actionspeaks please discuss before making any payments.
Confidence/Procrastination Coaching is for anyone craving more inner peace, freedom, purpose and motivation. It is for doers who have a few obstacles holding them back from being their best self, who are determined to break free from whatever it is hindering them from propelling and living their best life. It is for anyone who wants to take action, wants more confidence and courage to be their best self and to make a difference in world. These coaching programs are for anyone seeking to take their current life to another level.


  1. Action Takers One Time Inspirational Session
    The “Action Takers One Time Inspirational Session” allows you to do a “drop-in” coaching session, at any time you want, without any further commitment than just one session. In the one-off session we can transform an area of your life where you are currently feeling frustrated, hopeless or simply overwhelmed. Or, if you have a specific business goal or need an entrepreneurial strategy session, that could fall under the umbrella of an Action Takers One Time Inspirational Session as well. Action Takers Confidence / Procrastination Inspirational Session: $149/Per Boost
  2. Action Takers Program
    The Action Taker Program option is a short-term commitment designed for someone with one or two specific goals. This option is for you if you have already identified specifics behind the one or two things that are holding you back from living your happiest and healthiest life. Often people who choose this program are looking for support on getting “unstuck,” on improving their time management habits, on overcoming procrastination or perfectionism, or on managing and reducing stress. In this program you will have time to really work through refining your inner voice and through strategies on how to take more action more consistently. Action Taker Program: $300/Month (In this program you meet bi-weekly with Dr. O for a period of two months. For your convenience, you can pay for the program monthly payments).
  3. Action Takers Walking by Faith Program
    Action Takers Walking by Faith Program is for the individual who wants to ensure they make deep, lasting lifestyle and mindset changes. This is my most popular coaching option, because it works. In this full program, you’ll have the time and space to dive deep into letting go of what and who no longer serves you so that you can connect with your best self, establish high-level positive abundant habits and make your dreams your reality. Action Takers Walking by Faith Program: $500/Month or in Full with a 10% discount $1,350 in full (In this program you meet weekly with Dr. O for a period of three months. For your convenience, you can pay for the program in full or in three payments).
  4. Action Takers Mindset Shift and Financial Freedom Course
    This program will help you be a planner and not a responder. Most people today spend and respond to outside forces instead of budgeting and planning where their monies will be allocated. This program will also help you to see where your life is in balance and where it is out of balance as it relates to your life desires and financial goals. Action Takers Mindset Shift and Financial Freedom Program: $497 This is a weekly course for a period of six weeks. (For your convenience, you can pay for the program in full @ $497 or in three payments of $182 for a total of $546).
  5. Action Takers Alumni Association
    “ATAA” Action Takers Alumni Association is designed to support all former action takers coaching clients and mentees that are no longer active in our action takers mentoring program or enrolled in one of our coaching programs. The group aim to bring together like minded individuals. This program will operate with strategic directions and we will respond as it relatives to all walks of life. We want to create a lifelong and worldwide community to increase unlimited opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase our impact, influence, and involvement in the communities in which we are a part of (online and offline). This is a monthly subscription. Action Takers Alumni Association: $30 a month
  6. Action Takers Exposure Program
    Are you tired of being a secret? Don’t know where to start or what to do once you get started? Are you looking for ways to get your voice heard and your message out? Join Action Takers Exposure Program where we will get your name out, your brand recognized, and your voice heard. We want the world to know who you are and we want them to know about the services you offer. This is a monthly subscription Action Takers Exposure Program: $25 a month

What our Clients are saying!

Latrenda H.
Simonee M. Protégé’ Preneur
DR. O, founder of Action Speaks Volume, has truly been a blessing to me at this time in my life. Before reaching out to DR. O, I was wasting a lot of time doing nothing.   Although I knew what I wanted to do and had the passion to do it, but for some reason It was hard to get started. After our first meeting I knew that things was going to change for the better, not only was fire put to my feet, I saw results the following days afterwards.  DR. O speaks to you in a way to cause you to take action and get the results that you have been dreaming of. I’m super excited for the journey ahead, mainly because I know I have a Coach who cares and determine to help me WIN.
Onika Shirley stands for what she believes, Action Speaks Volumes. Within a very short while she was able to guide me out of a very discouraged stage. She is open, selfless and walked me through a process that revived every hidden potential within me. I am not only living my dream to change lives, but so driven to monetize my passions.
Shonti H.
Nakita H.
From my first telephone contact inquiry information, Coach O really made me think about what it is I wanted to do, structuring my goals and most importantly how to unwrap the gifts that God had already given me. For many that may not mean alot but when you find yourself stuck in life and going through the motions of living, Coach O is a breath of fresh air. She truly has a passion to see each person set free. Coach O has a unique skill set that will push, pull, and comfort when necessary. I like the absence of fluff (unnecessary chatter) approach to issues big or small. I can remember saying to her "I don't know about working with women because of past experiences of confidentiality."
And she simply replied "it will be OK because I know personally and professionally the importance of confidentiality. As we build your confidence,  if you decide to share something that is the only way it will be made known."
Coach literally saved my life and reconnected me with the power of the Creator. If you truly are looking for change and have uncovered that you have been chosen for change, Coach O is your girl.
In July of 2016.I fell into a deep depression I didn’t think I could move on or  trust anyone again from friendship until the highest person. In August 2017 God sent someone that understood me push and encourage and prayed for me from sunup to sundown and here's my results.

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