My Story
Each of us has a compelling story to tell that can move others.  A story of "self" tells why we have been called to serve. Life can change in an instant.  My car accident didn't stop me from reaching my dreams.  The day my life was changed FOREVER: Friday March 22, 1996
I asked myself one question do you have anything left in you? Childhood hurts and teenage life changes are the roots of  my story.  I mastered the skills as to how to overcome my past, the pain,  and the scars.  I started to build confidence and learn how to eliminate excuses so that I was able to get my power back.  I found victory in-spite of adversity, tragedy, and pain. When I decided to own my life and my time here on earth I begin to HEAL. I became intimate with who I am and why I was created.
During my 12th grade year in high school, tragedy knocked at my door not once, but twice.  I had a car accident in November of 1995 where I suffered three broken toes and a broken jaw.  My teeth were wired shut for 2 months, eating my daily meals by sucking blended food through a straw.  If you can only imagine how that must have felt  in my last year of school.  This is the year every student looks forward to.  You will think I has been through enough but March 22, 1996 marks the date of the day that changed my life forever.  I suffered injuries to my left leg and was seconds from have to have it amputated.  I was in surgery for 19 hours, walked on crutches for one year, moved from the home I left as I went to work to never see it again.  I went to school two nine weeks out of the four (1st nine weeks and 3rd nine weeks) during my senior year.  Despite all that I went through, I am proud to say that I made it through the tragedy, and I graduated by completing all the course work I missed from school at home.  Although I didn't participate in the graduation ceremony, and I missed my senior prom night I overcame the obstacles, completed the course work and graduated with my class.  I wasn’t there physically, but I was there in spirit.  I did it!!!!! I still had the opportunity to experience a child’s school day dreams of graduating the 12th grade.
I always wanted to go to college as a little girl but tragedy thought he had changed my mind. I was unable to start college right after high school graduation, but I did start. I enrolled at Phillips County Community College in 2000.  I worked, raised my children and went to school. I graduated with my Associates in Education in 2005.  I never got frustrated that it took almost 5 years for a 2 year degree.  My flexibility was limited because I worked during the day 45 minutes away from home and went to school at night. Some of the needed classes were not offered at night or they were only offered during a certain semester.  I did not quit!!!!  I went on and graduated with a Certificate in Accounting and Finance, in 2006, Bachelors in Business Accounting in 2008 and my Master’s in Business Administration in 2010.  Never allow tragedy to rob you of your dreams.  I mastered the skills of building confidence to do whatever I want and be who I created to be.  
I will love to work with you and help you overcome the obstacles in your life.  I have been there and done that.