Her Prayers Availeth Much

Inspiration for Women Who Choose to Believe

Authored by Maricia A. Sherman 
Authored with Thomasa Pullins, Dr. C. Denise Richardson, Betty Meeks, Onika Shirley, Rachel Heggins, Yolanda Cheatham, Betty Speaks, Dr. Marjorie Brown, Rachel Conliffe, LaSonja Taylor, Belinda Johnson 
Designed by Kate Brady Designs 
Cover design or artwork by Kpe Media

In today's world, there are many obstacles and even more distractions that effect society and the people within it each day. Yet one common denominator remains amongst believers. It is the beautiful privilege of prayer. Thank God, there are still those who trust and have confidence that God hears and answers prayer. Not only do they believe, but they have willingly answered the call to intercede and pray on behalf of others to experience God's anointing and his love.

Inside the pages, you will experience:

written prayers of encouragement
inspirational prayers for meditation
scriptures of hope and healing
breakthrough prayers of deliverance and so much more!

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Living By The Power Of God

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Women Who Rise to the Call of Purpose

Purpose Shakers: Women Who Rise to the Call of Purpose

Purpose Shakers: Women Who Rise to the Call of Purpose chronicles the lives of seven women who have experienced painful, dysfunctional, or demanding childhoods. Some overcame debilitating addiction to live purposeful, influential lives! These women defeated the odds that were against them and, now use their personal struggles to both challenge and encourage other women to face their [own] demons in order to live more productive, influential and purposeful lives! Purpose Shakers are those [women] who instinctively and passionately pursue destiny! They are unapologetic in their quest to attain every single blessing God has predestined them to possess! Purpose Shakers hail from different backgrounds, ethnicities, experiences and careers and often spend tireless days seeking opportunities to promote purpose not only in themselves but also others! The purpose principle drives these women to do the unimaginable to reach the neglected and forgotten while mentoring those who have lost their drive due to similar dysfunctional experiences.
 Are you a woman of purpose who has suppressed her natural instinct to inspire others due to life circumstances? If so, this book will (re)ignite your passion and (re)fuel your purpose. The purpose principle is the primary factor for your determination and the drive to remain committed to the "thing" you were created to do and who you were created to be. In I Corinthians 9:19-23, the Apostle Paul admonishes us to become (survivor, testimony, sister, confidant, parent, cheerleader, coach, counselor, or witness) what we need to become in order to reach those we seek to empower through our own life challenges and situations! You too can become a woman who inspires purpose in others! Maybe you already do. You too can live a purpose filled life...and that unapologetically! Maybe you already are. With God guiding your footsteps, words, and life; you will undoubtedly influence others to fulfill their purpose mandate! Invariably, the purpose principle will cause you, like the sun on any given day, to rise to the call...of purpose.

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Tying the Knot 

Between Ministry and the Marketplace

The Women’s Faith and Business Ministry serves as a much-needed tie between business and ministry to equip women, and the men who serve with them, to operate in kingdom principles. This book is not about ministry or the marketplace. It’s about ministry and the marketplace. Learn from these dynamic entrepreneurs how believers can thrive in their ministries as well as in their careers.

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Tying the Knot
Between Ministry
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Affirmations & Antidotes

That Remind Me

Affirmations and Antidotes That Remind Me is a compilation of encouraging words with the purpose of helping the reader hold on just a little longer and trust that God, The Creator, The Divine, The Almighty IS able to bring every situation to its intended end! 
Affirmations help us shift our beliefs. 

Antidotes are life solutions.We need both of these tools to help us along the way.

Stories From The Pink Pulpit

Women In Ministry Speak!

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Walking By Faith

Faith without Works is Dead so Put Feet to your Faith.

A devotional for people of action. Start your day with a call to action from the Word, then keep going throughout your day with that devotional in mind. 

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Tying the Knot Between Ministry And the Marketplace Volume 2

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